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Blog Published : January 24, 2019
Edited : September 26, 2022

Slovenia has a very rich brewing industry and a long brewery tradition. According to the first written evidence, beer brewing is a Slovenian thing since 1160. Slovenes are therefore traditionally serious beer drinkers as they drink on average almost 100 litres of beer a year per person. Our little alpine nation is though divided between those who drink Union and those who prefer Laško beer. Rapidly growing microbreweries in recent years have brought a lot of confusion in our red-green rivalry, healthy competition and loyalty worth new palette of flavours. Trendy microbreweries, which grew from garage beer brewing, won the respect among the connoisseurs and lovers of the golden liquid. Today, we are able to boast with many boutique brewers with a wide selection of innovative beers. You can taste some of the best ones at our Beer Tasting in Ljubljana.


A wide range of high-quality raw materials from renowned global producers enables them to create an unlimited range of flavours that can satisfy even the most demanding drinkers. Tektonik brewery focuses on creating original recipes supported by the knowledge of the rich tradition of English, Belgian and German brewing practices. They offer eight types of beer with the most original names that will quench your thirst and make you laugh.


Mister is a modern boutique brewery that produces one of the most stylish beers in Slovenia, combining gourmet pleasures with aesthetics. They turned the beer into a top-notch appearance since beer can also be a perfect drink for ceremonial events. A 20-years old student of philosophy and Russian language fell in love with the hop flavour overnight and began to brew beer from his own ingredients according to his own recipes. This is how the first quality beer started to bloom. At the Slovenian brewery competition, his wheat Ale was even selected as one of the best.


The Humanfish brewery was one of the first alternatives to the big Slovenian breweries, and its revolution in the field of craft beer began to rage back in 2008. After the initial production in Slovenj Gradec, the brewery moved to a larger space in Vrhnika. They produce more traditional, “session” and special beers. At first, they have been available mostly on the Slovenian market and in recent years their export has increased and won the popularity also in the rest of the world.


Loo-Blah-Nah is a local craft brewery from Ljubljana. Although it has been operating since 2016 they have become super popular among beer lovers and is available primarily in the bars across Ljubljana. Their beers are closer to the English ones and their most popular are pale and golden ale, marked by an American character.


Everything started with four friends from Ajdovščina. Apart from the Slovenian hops, they also use American hops with fruity flavours. Their most popular beers are ales of different styles. They can praise eleven different beer types, including the double matured Black Hole, which has been lauded in rum barrels for 18 months. 

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