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Beer Tasting Ljubljana

Discover Slovenia’s remarkable land of craft beer, explore our beermaking tradition, hang out with other beer enthusiasts and raise a glass to the future!
Start time
7:00 pm
Finish time
9:00 pm

Taste 6 craft Slovenian beers from different regions presented by our Beer Geek

Learn must-know & fun beer facts

Held in a local pub in the centre of Ljubljana

Interactive socializing with a group of like-minded beer enthusiasts

Get your beer questions ready!

craft beer tasting ljubljana

Craft beer tasting in Ljubljana

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Enyon the beer tasting experience with friends

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Craft beer experience

ljubljana beer tasting

Enjoy the stories of the best beer

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A dark craft being poured

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craft beers ljubljana

blind beer tasting ljubljana

blind beer tasting ljubljana

beer tasting ljubljana

Unforgettable experience

Included in price

6 Slovenian craft beers

Delicious appetizers

Presented by a beer expert

Certificate for becoming an ambassador of Slovenian beer

Other information

Time of Truffle Hunting to be set upon reservation. During the week the hunting takes place in the afternoon.

Beer lovers rejoice! Hop onto our hops express as it pours full foam ahead into the land of Slovenia’s remarkable land of craft beer. Explore our beer tradition to the fullest, hang out with other beer enthusiasts and raise a glass to the future!

Not long ago, Slovenia was a beer battleground that saw two leading distributors fighting over who will supply the final sip. The last decade, however, has witnessed a craft beer revolution. Microbreweries have been springing up like mushrooms after the rain. And their products are amazing!

At this beertastic tasting event, you will experience the exquisite flavours of Slovenia’s top craft breweries. Spoiler alert: these include one of the best craft beers in the world. The beers are from various regions around the country, each crafted under the skilful hands of master brewers who add their special twists in the production of this heavenly beverage.

Mind you, Beer Tasting Ljubljana isn’t just about drinking beer. It involves highly interactive socialising and learning fascinating fun facts about beer as well as trying some delicious snacks which will help sustain you during this lovely two-hour-long ordeal.

You’ll join a group of like-minded beer enthusiasts in a Ljubljana pub and listen to a beer sommelier as he guides you through your tasting adventure. Plenty of fascinating information will be revealed, including local anecdotes, traditions, history, all complemented by a bunch of exciting beer-related activities you won’t easily forget. Unless of course you significantly prolong your beer tasting after the official event is over, which is not an uncommon occurrence.

During the tasting, you will have ample opportunity to ask questions, share opinions, and most importantly have a laugh together as you discover the wide variety of flavours our beer scene has to offer.

No, lager is not the only beer in existence. You’ll taste some IPA, stout as well as sour beer, a perfect refreshment on hot summer days. All that is required is for you to sit back, relax, and sip away till your heart and palate are content.

Let’s get our beer on. Cheers!


Holiday’s Pub, Slovenska c.36, 1000 Ljubljana

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Taste Slovenia’s finest craft beers
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