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Awarded Slovenian Beers

It’s no longer a secret that Slovenians produce top quality beers. There are more and more boutique brewers of kraft beers, which stand out from the average of beer making giants. Until last year the competitions of Slovenian beers took place on the brewers’ platforms online and since 2017 the best beers started to win

Slovenian microbreweries you should know

Slovenia has a very rich brewing industry and a long brewery tradition. According to the first written evidence, beer brewing is a Slovenian thing since 1160. Slovenes are therefore traditionally serious beer drinkers as they drink on average almost 100 litres of beer a year per person. Our little alpine nation is though divided between

Sour beer hits the summer

At first glance, it seems beer is primarily a summer drink and in hot days every beer can do the job. By spreading the culture of beer drinking, the innovative flavours and brewing methods with more and more various types of this enticing drink, we started to differ beer in terms of occasion and even